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Launch of E-Learning for JAIIB

Mr. O P Bhatt, Chairman, State Bank of India and President, Indian Institute of Banking &Finance launched the e-learning package for all the three papers of JAIIB examination viz. Principles and Practices of Banking, Accounting and Finance for Bankers and Legal and Regulatory Aspects of Banking at a well attended function of bankers on 20.2.2010 at the WTC, Mumbai

IIBF has been for over 80 years now offering professional education to banks. The institute has always been pro active in meeting the ever changing needs of banks by offering new courses and constantly reviewing and updating its associate courses. It has also developed a number of diploma and certificate courses to meet the emerging needs of the banks. In order to encourage youngsters to take banking as a profession it has also started, about three years back a Diploma course in Banking &Finance exclusively aimed at those individuals who want to make a career in banking and finance field and who are in their last year of graduation course.

The use of internet is increasing exponentially in our country. To take the benefit from this and to enable the candidates to access the study material in a more easily understandable format, the institute has prepared e-learning package for the benefit of JAIIB candidates in all the three subjects. This has been done in association with Tata Interactive Services. This package would help the candidates to study the subjects at their convenience and pace however, subject to a ceiling on the number of hours of access. This e-learning is initiated with the hope that the institute will now be able to reach with one more study support to the members taking up this examination from distant places and in such small numbers. Currently the virtual classes and contact classes do not have the full reach. This would also enable a uniform input to the candidates who are coming from diverse academic backgrounds.

The e-learning that has been launched today is open to all the candidates for JAIIB and this will be in addition to the other study supports such as dedicated courseware, work book, tutorials through accredited institutions, contact program organized by zonal offices and virtual classes. JAIIB e-learning will be taken by nearly 45000 candidates this half year. The interactive e-learning that has been prepared is simple and easy to follow and offers an opportunity to study anytime, anywhere as per the individual convenience. The institute will also offer faculty support to enrolled candidates that will enable them to seek clarifications.

This E-Learning coupled with books and workbook should help the candidates to understand the subjects clearly and perform well in the examination. This will indeed improve the quality of man power in the banks in the years to come. For details visit the