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Diamond Jubilee and CH Bhabha Banking Overseas Research Fellowship (DJCHBBORF)

The Diamond Jubilee Banking Overseas Research Fellowship was instituted by the Indian Institute of Banking & Finance in 1988 to commemorate its diamond jubilee year. The C H Bhabha Fellowship offered by the Indian Banks' Association was merged with the DJBORF in 2007-08 and known as the Diamond Jubilee and CH Bhabha Banking Overseas Research Fellowship (DJCHBBORF). The objective of the Fellowship is to provide the successful candidate an opportunity to undertake a research study on the latest developments in the field of banking and finance in India. Under DJCHBBORF, the Institute invites research proposals from the eligible life members of the Institute. On the basis of the quality of the thesis proposals submitted by the candidates, their qualifications, experience and background, the candidates will be called for Interview before the Committee appointed by the Institute. The awardee will undertake his research under the guidance of a subject matter expert (who is having a Ph.D. degree attached to an institution having research credentials/operations and has vetted and recommended the candidate's proposal) and submits two copies of publishable reports within 6 months of completing the period of study/visit abroad, as the case may be. The Institute would pay an honorarium of Rs.1.00 lac to the candidate on successful competition of the project. The research studies awarded this Fellowship so far are:

Sl.No. Year of Award Name Subject of Study



Shri Ganesan Sridhar EXIM Bank

Bank Finance for Non-Traditional Exports: Policies & Practices in Brazil.

2 1989 Shri C Radhakrishnan State Bank of India Strategic Adoption of Technology for the Indian Banking System. USA.
3 1990 Shri Gade Sriram State Bank of India US Commercial Paper-USA.
4 1991 Shri J K Sinha Reserve Bank of India Study of International Gold Market with a reference to a Domestic Potential. USA
5 1992 Shri Narayanaswami Murugan. State Bank of India Effectiveness, Security, Controls and Audit of Computer System in Banking-USA
6 1993 Shri Manas Rajan Das State Bank of India Bank Failures and Role of Deposit Insurance-The USA Experience USA.
7 1994 Shri Srinibas Swain State Bank of India Financial Options Market in the USA
8 1995 Shri G Mahalingam Reserve Bank of India Evolving Regulatory Framework for Derivatives-USA
9 1996 Shri Abhaya Prasad Hota-Reserve Bank of India Real Time Gross Settlement (RTGS) payment System-USA
10 1997 Shri Rabi Narayan Mishra-Reserve Bank of India Product Innovation in India Financial Market: with special Securitization-USA
11 1998 Ms S Sasikala State Bank of India Financial Derivatives-A Study Risk Management and controls UK
12 1999 Shri Balu K Reserve Bank of India Infrastructure Financing by Indian Banks and Financial Institutions. Strategy, Risk and Regulations.
13 2000 Ms Uma Ramaseshan United Bank of India Internet Banking. A new paradigm.
14 2001 Shri Shrinivasan H S Corporation Bank The Emerging Role of Banks in E-commerce.
15 2002 Shri S Ramachandran Central Bank of India Insurance as tool for risk mitigation in collateral securities-Mortgages.
16 2003 Shri Indranil Chakraborty, Reserve Bank of India Clearing & settlement of over the counter Derivatives-A study of the current state of the art.
17 2004 Shri Durga Prasad Dube. Reserve Bank of India Evolving information System Assurance Framework for Indian Banking Sector.
18 2008 Shri A.K. Chowdhury, Reserve Bank of India US Sub Prime Home Loan Crisis: Lessons for Indian Banking.
19 2012 Dr.Narinder Kumar Bhasin, Axis Bank Ltd. Study of Impact of Technology on Electronic Payment Systems and its effect on Customer Services
20 2013 Mr.Vijay Singh Shekhawat, Reserve Bank of India Effect of International Clearing Unions on Trade and Reserves
21 2014-15 Mr. E. R. Muthuselvan Innovative Credit Products for MSME sector and to evaluate the Credit Guarantee Mechanism under CGTMSE and compare with Credit Guarantee Mechanism of Japan
22 2016-17 Dr. Tapas Kumar Parida, State Bank of India Measuring Impact of Insurance, including Jan Suraksha, Schemes on Insurance Consumption in India
23 2018-19 Ms. Dipanwita Dutta A study of Predictive strength of Indian Overnight Swap Market vs Other Countries
24 2020-21 Dr. Bibekananda Panda Asymmetric information and market failure in Bank-NBFC Co-lending Model

Note:The Fellowship not awarded in the years 2005, 2006, 2007, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2015-16, 2017-18 & 2019-20.