Members / Candidates grievance resolution system

Dear Member,

The financial year 2011-12, was special to the Institute as it moved into a spacious and aesthetically designed Corporate Office with state of the art training infrastructure at Kohinoor City, Kurla ( West) , Mumbai. Further the institute has initiated many new activities such as organizing leadership programs, exposure and study visits for overseas bankers and collaboration with overseas institutes for cross learning etc.

The trainings offered by the institute includes (a) Leadership Assessment and Development Programs (in association with Development Dimensions International (DDI), USA, Program on Powering Branch Managers in collaboration with Personnel Decisions International Corporation (PDI) and the Leadership Development Program in association with Australian Institute of Management),Western Australia (b) computer simulation based bank financial management; an interactive workshop titled 'TOPSIM' in association with Tata Interactive Systems, (c) Trainers Training Program on "Financial Inclusion" and Master Trainers Program, (d) programs on Cyber Security etc. The endeavor is to design, develop and deliver relevant training courses. The forthcoming training is given in the portal under training schedule.

The Institute had also organized two 'study tour cum training' programs on MSME Financing for bankers from Egypt and a study tour for officials from the Chartered Institute of Bankers of Nigeria. These overseas bankers have visited and interacted with different banks, manufacturing units and institutes in Mumbai during these programs.

International consultancy work

The institute is getting more consultancy work in the capacity building area and is currently working with the banking institutes in Zambia, Papua New Guinea, Nepal and Botswana. You will be glad to know that these overseas institutes will be implementing a customized version of some our courses in their countries.

New Courses/Examinations

I had previously mentioned that some new courses will be offered. The Institute will launch new certificate courses in the areas of ALM, IT Security and Cyber Laws, FEMA and an exclusive course for employees of Regional Rural Banks. Candidates can appear for these examinations from December 2012. I am sure that banks will find these courses useful in the day to day functioning and I am sure these initiatives will be useful.

Online Pass Memorandum

Some time back the institute had introduced 'online result advice' where in the passed candidates of JAIIB & CAIIB could download their results from the Institute's website. However, the Institute used to send the consolidated marks sheet cum completion memorandum from the Corporate office. From the May 2012 examinations, the respective zonal offices of the Institute have been authorized to issue the consolidated marks sheet cum completion memorandum. This will expedite the receipt of pass memorandum in the hands of the candidates.

No Mobiles inside examination halls

Though the Institute has advised the candidates not to bring mobiles into the examination halls, there are instances that some candidates are still brining mobiles into the examination halls. The use of mobiles inside the examination halls is not permitted. Also the Institute cannot make any arrangements for safe custody of mobiles at the examination halls and hence, I once again suggest to candidates not to bring mobiles into the examination halls. There are instances of some unscrupulous candidates trying to violate the examination process by use of mobile and seek answers from outside the examination hall and hence mobiles are strictly not allowed inside the examination hall.

Online Membership

The Institute has launched the online membership enrolment facility for all its aspiring members for taking up the Ordinary Life Membership of the Institute. The one time enrolment fee would be Rs.1500/ and enrolment registration can be done on IIBF website by using credit/debit card of all leading banks. On successful enrolment a member would get an e-mail and acknowledgement with membership number instantly. With the introduction of online system, the earlier system of submission of Membership application along with DD has been discontinued.

Green Initiative

As a part of the green initiative, the institute has decided to send all future annual reports from 2011-12 and documents to members through e-mails. All members have been requested to update their e-mail addresses with the institute. It is also proposed that IIBF Vision could also be e-mailed. We will appreciate if all members participate in the 'Green Initiative' of the Institute and co-operate by updating their e-mail id immediately with the Institute, in order to achieve the objective set by the GOI. May I request to please send an email confirming your acceptance of receiving the annual report by email? Your acceptance is important to give a thrust to the Green Initiative move of the Government.

I look forward to suggestions from you on how best the Institute can serve you in the days to come.

Best Wishes