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Dear Member,

Wish you all a Happy and Prosperous 2014. About 1, 52,000 candidates appeared for December, 2013 JAIIB/CAIIB examinations. Diploma and certificate examinations are scheduled for January, 2014.

Becoming fully online

You are aware that the Institute has gradually adopted technology in all its activities. It is technology which has helped the Institute to scale up its activities and maintain good quality in its efforts. In this regard even though the Institute is the pioneer in online examinations, it has not expanded online examinations beyond a point. But a time has come to move forward in the direction of going fully online for all examinations. Currently, the Institute is offering online examinations for all MCQ based certificate examinations. JAIIB examination is online in 60 centers. In these 60 centers candidates are offered a choice of paper & pencil or online. CAIIB is also MCQ based (objective type) examination but offered on a paper & pencil mode. There are four Diploma examinations which are offered in a descriptive type. JAIIB examination comprises of 120 questions whereas CAIIB examination is for 100 questions of which nearly half are straight MCQ and the remaining are case based. The Institute has been working with technology companies involved in online testing and has been able to develop an online testing system appropriate for CAIIB too.

In view of this, the following decisions have been taken:

JAIIB Examination
  • JAIIB examination, in the month of May/June, 2014 will be offered ONLINE mode in more centers. For this purpose, the Institute is identifying the new centers. The list will be announced in due course.
  • In all these centers, JAIIB examination will be offered ONLY in ONLINE mode. In other words, in these centers candidates will not have the choice of paper & pencil mode of examination.
  • For the May/June, 2014 examinations, centers where examination is offered in paper & pencil mode will be very limited. Going forward, there will be no examination in paper & pencil mode from November/December, 2014 onwards.
CAIIB Examination
  • CAIIB examination will also be offered ONLINE mode from May, 2014 examinations. The list of centers will be announced in due course. In all these centers, CAIIB examination will be offered ONLY in ONLINE mode. In other words, in these centers candidates will not have the choice of paper & pencil mode of examination.
  • However, some of the centers for May/June, 2014 examinations will continue to be in paper & pencil mode.
  • CAIIB examinations will also go completely ONLINE mode from November/December, 2014 examinations.
  • Hitherto the Institute has been offering its examinations even in centers where the number of candidates were as low as
  • Such centers will be closed from November/December, 2014 examinations onwards and the candidates of those centers will have to choose a nearby center.
Details of the above changes will be placed on the portal in due course.
Diploma Examinations

Currently, four diploma examinations are in descriptive type. These examinations will continue to be in the descriptive type.

New Certifications

During the year, the Institute has introduced two specialized Certificate Courses viz., Certified Bank Trainer (jointly with NIBM, Pune) and Certified Banking Compliance Professional (jointly with ICSI, New Delhi). These specialized courses have two components viz., passing of online examination and attending class room learning. Candidates who pass the examination can attend the class room learning. This two level approach helps candidates in better learning and acquiring skills. The first examination of these new courses is scheduled in January, 2014 and about 120 candidates are appearing for the Certified Bank Trainer examination and 350 candidates for Certified Banking Compliance Professional examination. In order to assist the candidates appearing for these examinations and to help them understand the examination pattern, subject coverage etc, the Institute had organized half-a-day’s workshop at seven places across the country during October-November, 2013.

Advanced Management Programme

In order to assist banks to develop their executives for taking higher responsibilities, the Institute has started offering Advanced Management Programme (AMP) at its Leadership Centre from last year. This is an eleven month week-end course where classes are held in the Institute. Candidates registered for the 1st batch have completed their course and the second batch started from December, 2013 with 33 candidates.

Important notification for the forth coming examinations

To test the candidate’s awareness about the latest developments in banking and finance area, the Institute provides (1) IIBF Vision, a monthly news letter, (2) regular updates on various subjects on its website and (3) condensed RBI Master Circulars are also uploaded on the website. The objective of this is that a few questions in the examinations are asked on the contents of these three items. In this connection as the contents keep changing from time to time the Institute has decided, for the purpose of questions, to consider instructions/ guidelines issued by the regulator(s) up to 31st July and 31st January for examinations to be conducted during November / December and May / June respectively of that year. Those who are appearing for the Institute’s examinations are requested to make note of this.

Bank Executive Programme

Another initiative of the Institute, the Bank Executive Programme (BEP) for senior executives of Banks is a joint initiative of NIBM, IIBF and IDRBT. The BEP is a 6 days training programme for senior officers of Banks (scale IV & above) consisting of three distinct modules on a) Current banking developments including HR, b)Risk Management and c) Information Technology. This programme aims at equipping bank executives, with appropriate skills sets to succeed in the emerging competitive market place. The first joint programme was organized at IDRBT. The second BEP was organized at IIBF in December, 2013 and this was attended by 29 senior executives from various banks.

Visitors to the Institute

The Institute organized an exploratory tour for a team of bankers from Kenya from 12th to 19th October, 2013. The team visited Indian Banks’ Association, Reserve Bank of India, National Payments Corporation of India, Management Development Institute of Bank of India (CBD Belapur), IDRBT (Hyderabad) and NIBM (Pune) to understand working of these Institutes/organizations and also to explore the possibilities of collaboration. It is likely that IIBF will associate with the Kenyan School of Monetary Studies in offering some of its courses in Kenya.

Sir P T Memorial Lecture

Dr. Subir Gokarn, Director-Research, Brookings India delivered 30th Sir Purushotamdas Thakurdas Memorial Lecture on ‘Finance and Sustainability: Regulatory and Strategic Dimensions’ on 3rd December, 2013. This lecture was well attended by CMDs and EDs of various banks and other dignitaries. The contents of the speech can be downloaded from the Institute’s website.

BC/BF Certification

The Institute has designed a 12 days customized training exclusively for women SHG members of Tamilnadu Corporation for Development of Women on Business Correspondents/Business Facilitators. The contents of the training included the syllabus of BC/BF & DRA courses. The Indian Banks’ Association has agreed that those candidates who have undergone this training and passed examination can be permitted to work as BC/BF as well as DRA after certification by the Institute. This will help in financial inclusion as well as recovery efforts of banks in rural areas. In this connection, the Institute continues to train the bank faculty for taking up BC/BF training. In October, 2013, the Institute had trained 31 directors of R-SETIs/RUDSETIs and trainers of Canara Bank. These trainers in turn trained 18 batches of Business Correspondent Agents (BCAs) across the country.

HR Meeting

A joint meeting of IIBF, NIBM & IDRBT with the HR/Training Chiefs of Banks was organized by the Institute on December 6th, 2013. In this meeting, these Institutes have shared information about their activities and plans with the HR/Training Chiefs of Banks and got the feedback from them. In line with the discussion in the meeting, the Institute is planning to introduce new certificate courses for (i) Credit Officers, (ii) ALM, (iii) Language Proficiency and (iv) Enhancing the job role of sub-staff of banks etc.

Video lectures on JAIIB/CAIIB subjects

Finally, the Institute is preparing video lectures on all 3 subjects of JAIIB and 2 compulsory subjects of CAIIB. The recording of video lectures is already completed. These recorded video lectures will be made available to the candidates appearing for May/June, 2014 examinations.

Best Wishes