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Three courses offered by Indian Institute of Banking & Finance (IIB&F), which meet the certification requirement in areas identified by RBI and communicated by IBA vide their circular no CIR/HR& IR/ KSC/2017-18/2602 dated 26th April 2017.

Three courses are :

  1. Certified Treasury Professionals
  2. Risks in Financial Services
  3. Certified Credit Officer

(IIB&F will be introducing a course shortly on “Accounting” covering preparation of financial results and audit function. Will update the banks on the same)


Examination Examination Date Open period of Registration
Certificate Examination in Risks in Financial Services 30-07-2017 (Sunday) 05-06-2017 to 20-06-2017
Certificate Examination
1. Certified Treasury Professionals
2. Certified Credit Officer
29-10-2017 (Sunday) 15-8-2017 TO 14-9-2017

In addition to the above courses, RBI, vide its letter dated 31st May 2017, addressed to IBA, has mentioned that the course offered by IIBF in association with FEDAI, on “Foreign Exchange Operations” will also be a mandatory qualification, for those who are working or desirous of working in the area of Foreign Exchange Operations, including Treasury operations. Thus, out of the five areas identified by RBI, IIBF offers four courses which meet the certification requirements.

Examination will be conducted at different centres. For list of centres, syllabus and other rules of examinations, please click on the following link: