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Dear Members,

Greetings from IIBF.

An eventful year has passed. The pandemic has created serious disruptions in our professional and personal lives. However, it has also taught many new lessons to all of us. We have responded to the pandemic admirably and adapted well to the chaos and new normal left by Covid 19.

When we are coming to the end of the year with new cases clearly showing downward trend, all of us may be wondering as to what will happen once the crisis subsides, whether the changes occurred in our life will revert back to normal or will they be the permanent part of our lives from now onwards?

One of the things which may not be the same again is the way we learn. With growing digitisation of education, there is a lot of interest around online classes. Inspite of its shortcomings, online classes have advantages too. This could signal a shift in the way institutions like IIBF ought to function going forward. The new year will come with new expectations, new hopes, new opportunities and challenges. Challenges will have to be converted into opportunities.

At IIBF, to keep pace with the changing times, we have redrawn our strategy on the basis of:

  1. What will happen once the pandemic ends?
  2. How do we re-think our remote working strategies?
  3. How to re-orient our online classes to make them more interactive and content driven?

I would now like to walk all of you through some of the initiatives taken / will be taken by IIBF.

Remote Proctoring Examinations

The Institute has introduced Remote Proctored Examinations. Such mode of conducting exams allow flexibility to candidates of appearing for the exams from the comfort of their homes while simultaneously enhancing the knowledge base. Remote proctoring is being done in combination with AI driven auto-proctoring and physical remote proctoring processes to ensure quality standards.

Focus on E-Learning

According to a recent study, your skills won’t last long in this fast changing financial markets and the organisation clearly prefers work skills over degrees. Accordingly, the most important aspect in our professional life is the ability to “learn”, “unlearn” and relearn”.

IIBF offers e-learning covering the areas of Credit Management, MSME, AML/KYC, International Trade Finance, Cyber & IT Security, Retail Banking, Risk, Treasury, General Banking including Accounting & Legal Aspects of Banking, etc. I am happy to share that many public and private sector Banks have taken our customized e-learnings for their officers/staff. Our online learning programmes accommodate everyone’s needs and offer impactful and updated learning contents.

Courses on the anvil

In order to keep pace with the ever-changing banking landscape, the following new courses are being introduced:

  • Resolution of Stressed Assets with special emphasis on Insolvency and Bankruptcy Code-2016 for Bankers
  • Emerging Technologies
  • Strategic Management & Innovations in Banking
Professional Banker Qualification

The Institute will be introducing a gold standard aspirational qualification. This unique qualification, which will provide cutting edge knowledge to professionals in banking & finance fields, is expected to plug the long-felt skill gap in mid-management levels. The details will be announced by the Institute shortly.

Training Programmes

The Advanced Management Programme (AMP), one of the flagship programmes of the Institute which is conducted in collaboration with IIM Calcutta has been well accepted by the banking fraternity. The current AMP batch has as many as 60 participants from 19 banks and financial institutions.

AMP programme is designed with a focus on building leadership capabilities at Banks & Financial Institutions.

Besides the AMP, the training vertical of IIBF conducts niche programmes covering different functional areas of the banks. New programmes on MSMEs, Agricultural Financing have also been drawn up by the Institute. The Institute has state of the art studios at its offices at Mumbai, Kolkata and New Delhi. This has enabled trainings to be conducted in the virtual mode in a seamless and effective manner.

The Institute has devised customized training programmes for various Banks to cater to their specific needs. The purpose of customized training programmes is skill upgradation to make the employees ready to deliver on those skills

Infrastructure available at IIBF

IIBF has separate academics and training verticals at Mumbai. IIBF also has its zonal offices christened as Professional Development Centres (PDCs) at New Delhi, Kolkata and Chennai. The training classrooms at all the above places have state of the art facilities.

We have recently acquired our own premises at New Delhi. This premises, located at a central location (opposite IIT Delhi), will become operational in a couple of months’ time and will have residential accommodation and state of the art training facilities including a studio for virtual classroom. IIBF is thus well placed for being the preferred academic and training partner for banks.

Collaboration with Chartered Banker Institute

On 27th June 2017, IIBF had entered into a Mutual Recognition Agreement (MRA) with the Chartered Banker Institute offering a pathway for the Certified Associates of the Indian Institute of Bankers (CAIIB) from India to have their qualifications recognised by the Chartered Banker Institute, and be able to become Chartered Bankers by studying the Chartered Banker Institute’s Professionalism, Ethics & Regulation module, and successfully completing a reflective assignment.

Taking forward this MRA, a pathway is now being made available for the Junior Associates of the Indian Institute of Bankers (JAIIB) to also acquire the Chartered Banker Status through the JAIIB Professional Conversion Route.

Process Diagram

The date of announcing the programme will be decided in consultation with the Chartered Banker Institute and will be announced shortly.

Please stay safe and healthy by taking appropriate precautions and by following the advice provided by your local health authorities.

Last but not the least, I take this opportunity of wishing all of you a very happy and prosperous New Year 2021


With warm regards,

Biswaketan Das

1st January 2021.