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The Professional Banker is a gold level qualification which will provide cutting edge knowledge to the professionals in the banking & finance domains. It aims to create a pool of professionals in specialized and interlinked verticals to meet the emerging challenges.  


There are five different tracks for achieving the Professional Banker qualification. Each track of Professional Banker Qualification representing a critical and important area of banking.  


To acquire the Professional Banker qualification, it is necessary to have passed CAIIB first. However, if a candidate has already passed any of other required examinations under the said track, he/she will be given credit for the exams passed and he/she only has to pass the remaining exams under the said track to acquire the “Professional Banker” qualification. 


The status of a “Professional Banker” may be conferred on a banking & finance professional, if he / she has a work experience of 5 years and passes the examinations of IIBF mentioned under the selected track. The Professional Banker certificate will also mention the track chosen by a candidate. 




The status of a “Professional Banker – CREDIT” may be conferred on a banking & finance professional 

if he / she has a work experience of 5 years and passes the following courses offered by IIBF. 

  • CAIIB +  
  • Ethics in Banking +  
  • Strategic Management & Innovation in Banking + 
  • Certified Credit Professional + 
  • Risk in Financial Services 


Candidates registering for “Professional Banker” need to pay fees of Rs.1000/- plus taxes as applicable. 


The five different tracks under professional banker qualification are as shown below: