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Legal & Regulatory Aspects of Banking _JAIIB

FSLC need approach

Financial Sector Development council


I. Compulsory Papers

1.Bank Financial Management

Additional Reading Material for Modules A, B, C & D

Updated Bank financial Management

Regulatory Capital

Updates on International Banking

Export-Import Bank of India – Role, Functions and Facilities

Risk Management Information Security

Liquidity Risk

Enterprise Wide Risk Management

2.Advanced Bank Management

Advanced Bank Management – Additional Reading Material for Module A and Module D

Additional Information on Types of Borrowers / Accounts

II. Optional Papers

1.Rural Banking

Rural Banking - Updates


Functions (Financial) of NABARD


Ratio Analysis

Working Capital Assessment

Rural Banking Operations for RRB staff

2. Retail Banking

Floating Rate Term Deposits

Loans against shares and debentures

Mobile Banking

3.Co-operative Banking

Functions (Financial) of NABARD 

Co-operative Banking – Updates

Co-Operative Banking-Updates: “Project funding techniques and requirement assessment” 

Cooperative Banking Operations – Credit Management - Ratio Analysis & Break Even Analysis

4. Information Technology

1. Interbank Mobile Payment Service
2. Business Intelligence in Banking
3. Overview of PL/SQL

5. Risk Management

1.Higher global minimum capital standards in terms of Basel III
2.Additional Reading Material for Risk Management

Recognition of permanent diminution in the value of investments in banks’ subsidiaries/joint ventures

Risk Management Information Security

Liquidity Risk

Enterprise Wide Risk Management

6. Central Banking

Regulatory Capital


7. Corporate Banking

1. Core Investment  Companies
2. Ratios


8. Treasury Management

1.Corrigendum - Courseware on Treasury Management
2.Additional Reading Material for Treasury Management


9. Financial Advising

2.Portfolio Performance Evaluation

10. International Banking

1.Update CAIIB_Elective-International_Banking
2.Additional Reading Material for International Banking

Diploma Examinations

Diploma in Microfinance

Status of Microfinance in India

Priority Sector Lending Certificates


Diploma in Home Loan Advising

Housing loan exposure limits of Cooperative Banks

Housing Loans by Commercial Banks –LTV Ratio

International Banking & Trade Finance

Update on International Banking and Trade Finance

Diploma in International Banking and Finance

Diploma in International Banking and Finance - International Banking Operations

Diploma in International Banking and Finance - Legal and Regulatory Aspects

Certificate Examinations

Certificate Exam in Anti-Money Laundering

Know Your Customer (KYC) norms

Certificate Course for BC/BF

Mobile Banking



Certificate Course in Rural Banking

Rural Banking Operations for RRB staff

Certificate Course in FEMA

Updates on “Foreign Exchange Facilities for Individuals

Certificate Examination in Customer Service & Banking Codes and Standards

customer charter

Risk in Financial Services

Risk Management Information Security

Liquidity Risk

Enterprise Wide Risk Management

Updation on 'Risk, Regulation & Governance’ subject for Certified Bank Compliance Course

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Corporate Governance in Banks in India

Dr.K.Srinivas Rao


Role of Board level Committees in Banks

Compiled write up


Perspectives on Risk and Governance

Mr.Anand Sinha, DG, RBI


Corporate Social Responsibility, Sustainable Development and Non-Financial Reporting-Role of Banks

RBI circular dated Dec.20, 2007


Corporate Social Responsibility: An Analysis of Indian Commercial Banks

Ms.Eliza Sharma and Dr.Mukta Mani, AIMA Journal of Management & Research, 7(1/4), Feb.,2013


Corporate Governance and Corporate Social Responsibility: The case of three Indian Companies

Mr.Debabrata Chatterjee, International Journal of Innovation, Management and Technology, 1(5), Dec.2010 pp:507-510