The membership of the Institute is open to employees of banks/financial institutions and any other institutions as may be approved by the Governing Council. It is necessary that the employer bank/financial institution is registered with the Institute as Institutional Member. The one time individual membership (Life Membership) fee is Rs.1710/-. To become a member of the Institute, a candidate has to apply online through the Institute’s web site and have to make the payment using debit/credit card or net banking. Along with the application the candidate has to upload his/her photograph and copy of any one of the following documents as a valid proof of his/her identity. 1.Photo Identity Card issued by Employer or 2. PAN Card or 3. Driving Licence or 4. Election Voter’s Identity Card or 5. Passport. On successful completion of the form after uploading the necessary details and paying the requisite amount, a membership number will be generated/ issued to the candidate via sms and email. A password is also provided to the candidate. By using this candidate can update his details like, address, telephone no etc. Mentioning of the contact no and email id is compulsory. The ID card will be sent to the candidate at the address registered with the Institute within a month’s time. The production of Identity Card is mandatory in identification of the candidate at the examination venues and should therefore be preserved carefully. Life Membership of the Institute is a prerequisite for taking up the JAIIB/CAIIB examinations.

The members are requested to contact the nearest zonal office to find out whether their membership is active or not. If the membership is inactive, it can be renewed for lifetime by a simple request in writing furnishing the membership number, mobile no and email ID and send it to the respective zonal office along with a demand draft of Rs.1710/- favouring IIBF payable at Mumbai, Chennai, Kolkata or New Delhi as the case may be . The renewal payment to the Institute should necessarily be made by way of a demand draft / Pay Order.

IIBF has developed comprehensive self learning study materials and work book which has been published by Macmillan India Ltd and Taxman Publication Pvt Ltd. Candidates can directly purchase the books from the outlets of the publisher. Candidates who purchase the books directly from the outlets of the publishers will be offered a discount of 20% on the cost price of the book. They can also purchase through online and by post. Candidates desirous of purchasing the books through online/by post will not be offered any discount. However the postage will be borne by the publishers. The addresses of the outlets are available on our portal under the menu Home > Features & Highlights > Self Study Kits.

The link is:

Institute’s zonal offices will send the Admit letter containing date, time, subjects to be appeared, seat no, details of the venue etc. 21 days before commencement of the examination. The examination Admit Letter will also be made available in the Institute’s website at one week before the examination. Candidates can download the Admit Letter and appear for the examination in case the original Admit Letter is not received.

IThe Institute sends Members Permanent Identity Card to all the candidates on admission as Member of the Institute. The Identity Card is useful for identification of the candidate at the examination venues and should therefore be kept safe and should not be tampered. In case a member does not have/lost the membership identity card he/she should apply for a duplicate identity card through the institute’s website and have to make the payment using debit/credit card or net banking. The fees for Duplicate I-Card is Rs.342/-.

  • Each candidate is required to pass each examination of three papers (JAIIB/CAIIB) within four consecutive attempts. For this purpose each examination of the Institute, after the candidate has paid the fee for the first block is reckoned as an attempt whether or not the candidate appears for the examination. For example if a candidate had applied for the first examination in May/June 2011 the four attempts will come to close by Nov/Dec 2012, whether or not the candidate has appeared for the four attempts. This is important for the purpose of credit transfers in the case of papers in which the candidate has scored the pass marks. The credit for pass in one or more papers in one or more previous examinations/attempts will be considered only within the four attempts/four consecutive examinations. After the end of the second block (after four examinations beginning the application date) the candidate will be treated as a fresh candidate.

  • In case candidate has completed the three papers in the first block of two attempts (two consecutive examinations) there is no need to pay for the second block. However, in case the candidate is not able to complete the examination in the first two attempts he/she will have to appear for the next two examinations immediately following the first two attempts by paying the examination fee for further two attempts (block 2). In such cases, if the candidate has passed one or more papers in the first two attempts the credit for the same is given in the next two attempts and the candidate need to appear for only the remaining papers. The second block runs immediately after the first two attempts (first block).
  • Continuing the above example if a candidate has applied for the June 2011 examination the second block starts in June 2012. If the candidate does not apply for the second block in June 2012 but applies in Dec 2012 the candidate will have only one attempt left in the 2nd Block. If the candidate did not apply/appear for the 2nd block till the end of Dec 2012 the candidate will have to apply fresh for May/June 2013 in which case he/she will not get the benefit of pass if any in the examinations held in 2011 and 2012.
  • If the candidate, after the 1st Block misses both the subsequent attempts he/she will have to re appear for all the papers as a fresh candidate. In such cases also the credit transfer for any of the papers passed in the previous two attempts is lapsed.
  • Candidates can carry over the credit of the subjects passed till the fourth attempt. If the candidate discontinues after the first block, or if the candidate does not complete all the papers in the four consecutive examinations the candidate cannot carry forward the credit in respect of the papers where in he/she has scored pass marks.
  • The fee for the four attempts is collected in blocks of two attempts. Initially they have to pay the examination fee for the first two attempts (block 1).

Candidate can seek change of centre of examinations on genuine official grounds. Such requests will be entertained only if it is received 45 days prior to the examination date. As the number of question papers to be sent to each centre and number of computers in each on-line centre is finalised 45 days prior to the examination date it is not possible to grant change of centres in case the application is received with less than 45 days remaining for the examination.