Institute is pleased to announce opening of its own test centres at Mumbai and Kolkata. The examinations which will be conducted at these test centres, examination dates and address of these centres are given below:

Examination (Online) Examination Dates Open period of Registration
1)Certificate Examination in AML/KYC
2)Certificate examination In Customer Service & Banking Codes and Standards
25-FEB-2017 (4th Saturday) 25th Jan 2017 to 10th Feb 2017
11-MAR-2017 (2nd Saturday) 25th Jan 2017 to 24th Feb 2017
25-MAR-2017 (4th Saturday) 25th Jan 2017 to 10th Mar 2017
8-APR-2017 (2nd Saturday) 25th Jan 2017 to 24th Mar 2017
22-APR-2017 (4th Saturday) 25th Jan 2017 to 7th Apr 2017

Centre address:

Mumbai Kolkata
Indian Institute of Banking & Finance 191-F, Maker Towers, 19th Floor, Cuffe Parade, Mumbai - 400 005 Indian Institute of Banking & Finance Hindusthan Building (Annexe), 7th Floor, 4, C.R.Avenue, Kolkatta 700 072.

Each centre can accommodate 54 candidates in a day.

Online Registration for the above examinations will start from 25th January 2017. Candidates can select the examination date and centre of his/her choice. Registration will be on first come first serve basis. We urge candidates to register as early as possible to avoid disappointment.

Candidates are also required to note the following:

  1. A candidate can register for one examination only for an examination date. For example, if a candidate has registered for say, the AML/KYC examination on 25.2.2017, he/she cannot register for other examinations i.e. Customer Service and SME for the same day.
  2. A candidate cannot register same examination twice on the above mentioned examination dates. For example, if a candidate has registered for say, the AML/KYC examination on 25.2.2017, he / she cannot register for the AML/KYC examination on remaining examination dates mentioned above.
  3. Timing of the examination will be notified to the candidates in the Admit letter issued.

Cut-off Date of Guidelines /Important Developments for Examinations

The Institute has a practice of asking questions in each exam about the recent developments / guidelines issued by the regulator(s) in order to test if the candidates keep themselves abreast of the current developments. However, there could be changes in the developments / guidelines from the date the question papers are prepared and the dates of the actual examinations.

For the above mentioned examination dates cut-off dates for guidelines/Important Developments for Examinations will be 31st December 2016.
Mumbai, dated 11TH January 2017                                                                                        JOINT DIRECTOR EXAMINATIONS.