Evaluation Process

Sr.No. Particulars Weightage Total Marks (Maximum) Minimum marks to be obtained Remarks
1 Attendance 50% 50 25 (50%) Total 10 total sessions
(spread in 3 days).
Attending minimum 5
sessions will be
compulsory. This will
correspond to 25 marks
out of 50 (50%).
On 1st day and 2nd day, 4
sessions each and on 3rd day, 2 sessions. (4+4+2)
2 MCQs 50% 50 25 (50%) Each session will have 5 MCQs. The MCQ Test
will be at the end of the
day. Accordingly, on 1st
day and 2nd day, there
will be MCQ evaluation
with 20 questions each
and on 3rd day a test with
10 MCQs. (20+20+10). There will thus be a total
of 50 MCQs (1 mark
each). Total 50 marks.
A candidate has to obtain
a minimum of 25 marks
out of 50 (50%).
Total 100 50 (50%)  
The overall aggregate (attendance + marks in MCQs) to be obtained by a candidate will therefore be 50 (50%). However, if a candidate gets overall 50% with 30 marks in attendance (60%) and 40% (i.e 20 marks) in MCQs, s/he will also be considered as passed. But, vice versa is not permitted. In other words, a candidate should get minimum 20 marks in the MCQs.

  • a. In order to incentivise candidates attending the live classes vis-a-vis candidates hearing only the recorded lectures, it has been decided that a candidate who attends the MCQ test after listening to the recorded lectures will be awarded only 3 marks per session instead of 5 marks for live attendance per session.
  • b. A candidate who could not attend the first day either the live session or the recorded version before the midnight of the lecture day, she/ he can attend the second day onwards but marks will be awarded accordingly.