Evaluation Process

Sr.No. Particulars Weightage Total Marks (Maximum) Minimum marks to be obtained Remarks
1 Attendance 50% 50 25 (50%)

Total 10 total sessions (spread in 3 days). Attending minimum 5 sessions will be compulsory. This will correspond to 25 marks out of 50 (50%).

On 1st day and 2nd day 4 sessions each and on 3rd day 2 sessions. (4+4+2)

2 MCQs 50% 50 25 (50%)

Each session will have 5 MCQs. The MCQ Test will be held during the course, mostly, at the end of the course.  There will thus be a total of 50 MCQs (1 mark each). Total 50 marks.

A candidate has to obtain a minimum of 25 marks out of 50 (50%).

Total 100 50 (50%)  

The overall aggregate (attendance + marks in MCQs) to be obtained by a candidate will therefore be 50 (50%).  However, if a candidate gets overall 50% with 30 marks in attendance (60%) and 40% (i.e 20 marks) in MCQs,  She/he will also be considered as passed. But, vice versa is not permitted.  In other words, a candidate should get minimum 20 marks in the MCQs.

  • The candidate who attends the MCQ test after listening to the recorded lectures will be awarded only 3 marks per session instead of 5 marks for attendance per session as stated in the above table approved earlier.
  • Further, a candidate who could not attend the first day either the live session or the recorded version before the midnight of the lecture day, she/ he can attend the second day onwards as she/he could attend the minimum 5 sessions but marks will be awarded accordingly