IIBF’s Case Study Writing Competition

A case study is an important pedagogical tool for enhancing learning and comprehension of complex and multi-fold situations. This case study writing competition is an initiative of IIBF to encourage bankers/finance professionals to share their knowledge and experience through developing cases, accompanied by Teaching Notes. The scheme for this competition is as follows:

  1. Eligibility:
    • Bankers (including former bankers),
    • Faculty working in Staff Training Establishments of Banks/ Financial Institutions/ NIBM/ IDRBT/ CAB/ BIRD/SIDBI/NABARD.
  2. Themes for preparing Cases and Teaching Note: Cases accompanied by Teaching Notes should be developed on a theme related to Indian Banking. The list of suggestive themes is mentioned below. The themes have been categorized on the basis of specialization as Scheme I and Scheme II. A participant is also free to develop a case in any other area related to Indian Banking under Scheme II (General Areas).

Scheme I (Specialized Areas)

Scheme II (General Areas)

1.      Credit Management

2.      International Banking & Foreign Exchange Operations

3.      Risk Management

4.      Treasury Management

5.      Accounting & Auditing

1.      AML/KYC

2.      Information Security

3.      MSME

4.      Customer Service

5.      Cyber Crimes

6.      Digital Banking

7.      Ethics and Corporate Governance

8.      Financial Inclusion

9.      Human Resources Management

10.  Retail Banking

11.  Rural Banking

12.  Wealth Management

  1. Guidelines for Participants: Reproduction of materials as it is from internet and other sources should be avoided. Wherever information used in the case is taken (secondary data) from other sources, the author should acknowledge and provide complete reference of the source. It should be ensured that there are no violations of copy rights.
  2. Evaluation: All the cases accompanied by Teaching Notes received by IIBF will be evaluated by the Case Review Committee to be set up by the Institute. The cases accompanied by Teaching Notes will be evaluated on the basis of Core Concept, Presentation, utility of the case and how engaging will it be if administered in a classroom. The decision of the Case Review Committee will be final and binding.
  3. Prizes: Three best cases will be selected by the Case Review Committee from each Scheme and will be awarded prizes as detailed below:

Scheme I (Specialized Area)

Scheme II (General Area)

I Prize – Rs. 50,000/-

II Prize –Rs. 40,000/-

III Prize-Rs. 30,000/-

I Prize – Rs. 30,000/-

II Prize – Rs. 20,000/-

III Prize – Rs.10,000

If a case has multiple authors, the awarded amount will be divided equally among the authors.

  1. Rights: The publication rights and IPR of the shortlisted cases will lie with the Indian Institute of Banking and Finance, Mumbai.
  2. Last Date of Submission: 29th June 2019

Guidelines for preparing cases & teaching notes (Click here for Details)

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